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Lend Me a Hand: The Power of Delegation

Posted on May 8th, 2019

If I ever find a magic lamp and a genie came out of it to grant me three wishes, my first wish would be for a clone of myself.

Yes, I like myself that much; but no, I'm not narcissistic at all.

I just want to be able to do more, be more present, and to do all the things.

Sadly, though, I am just one person - and I can only do so much.

Being an entrepreneur, there's this drive within you that will make you want to pull an all-nighter working on a course you're excited to share with others; or it could be a project for one of your clients, a project that may open more doors for you and your business. It could be one of so many things we entrepreneurs get all worked up on!

But there's also a thing called burnout, and we that's something we really don't want... right?

That's where delegation comes in handy - to make sure we don't every break down!

What is delegation?

Delegation is the entrustment of a part or responsibility and authority to another and the creation of accountability for performance. It is when you take a look at your plate, break it down, and give away pieces to members of your team.

Why do you need to delegate?

Then there's the pressing question of why you should delegate - although this really shouldn't be a topic for discussion. As entrepreneurs, we need to focus on the main responsibilities and tasks that help in growing the business. As leaders, we need to be able to focus on the things that will actually move the needle.

If you're someone who is more inclined to do sales calls and perform business development activities, then stick with that. Don't waste your time tinkering away on your computer because you want to do all the things, including designing graphics for your marketing campaigns.

Remember, your time equals money. When you focus your time on the things that actually generate revenue for your business, then growth will be inevitable; in turn, you can then invest more by hiring more people. The more money you make for your business, the more money you can pay your people.

How do you delegate?

This definitely is no easy task. For some people, delegating is quite hard - and it stems from the feeling of "no one can do this better than me." Which is - surprise, surprise - oftentimes very wrong. There will always be other people who will be better than you at something. There will always be others who are as good but can do it in less time, so they become a more efficient solution to a problem.

Figure out what you're best at - rank the tasks you do daily and see which ones take up most of your time and which ones are quick and easy for you do, also which ones you're totally rocking at!

If you need more head space to think of new strategies that will help your business propel forward, then get rid of those mundane administrative tasks. Get an assistant to go through your emails and categorize which messages are urgent, can wait, or not necessary at all. This will save you tons of time and energy.

For things like design and marketing, maybe you're better off handing it to experts - people who actually do that for a living! People who are experts at what they do. This will save you the grueling trial-and-error process - plus we all know Photoshop isn't everyone's friend!

Whatever it is you're doing right now, if you ever feel like you're up to the neck in tasks, considering taking a step back, evaluating what you have on your plate, and start delegating.

Your future self - and business - will thank you.


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