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Destress with Christina Bell’s Spirit-Hands

Posted on April 3rd, 2018

"Everyone benefits from a massage."

For the last eleven years, Christina Bell has been touching people's lives with her "Spirit-Hands." She's attended to different types of clients - from athletes suffering from muscular fatigue and people who have had limited range of motion due to pain.

"Seeing them with less pain and become more relaxed, with a smile on their face is quite rewarding," Christina tells us.

Her degree in therapeutic massage and bodywork has greatly helped her propel forward. Christina's approach to massage is breath-centric, using slow and methodical touch to apply both clinical and intuitive techniques for noticeable results. Not only is massage therapy one of her life's passions, she has also created a business around it. #PassionIntoProfit win-win!

The nature of Christina's business requires her to always be connected with her clients. Most massage therapy sessions are booked via text or calls, so she always needs to stay connected. Whether booking an appointment, managing her website or the digital marketing, a reliable wireless service is a must - and that's how has been a significant part of her business life! No hassles with 24 x 7 dedicated business care team.

Today, Christina lives with her husband, Matt, in Iowa where they both run small businesses. In the future, Christina hopes to transform her business into something more mobile, something that does not limit her to the confines of an office.

Learn more about Christina and what she does on or - if you live or ar passing by North-Central Iowa - call 641-530-5024 to book an appointment! Your body will thank you.

Be like Christina and turn your #PassionIntoProfit. Stay connected with your clients and grow your business. Get an unlimited call, text, and data plan from Teltik today!


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