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Manage Your Freelancers Better with These Tools

Posted on January 23rd, 2018

With more companies moving toward having a remote workforce, managers are left with a challenge to manage the entire team - some of which may be in different time zones and locations.

With the help of the Internet and these tools and resources, companies can now run and manage their remote teams effectively.

Here are 8 tools that you should consider taking a look at when managing a remote workforce:

1 - Slack

Slack makes communication across all departments easy and hassle-free. Studies have shown that businesses with good communication have 50 percent lower turnover rate than other companies.

Make sure that you have an all-in-one communication channel so that you won't have to deal with an avalanche of emails, buried text messages, or missed calls. Slack is especially helpful for teams that are scattered across different time zones.

2 - Trello

Trello makes project management a breeze. It's visual component and user-friendly interface makes it one of the most used tools by freelancers. In each "card" or project, you can add comments, upload attachments, assign due dates, create checklists, etc.

What's great about Trello is that everything happens in real time so that everyone sees updated information across all devices.

3 - Dropbox

Storage and file-sharing has never been this convenient until Dropbox came along. With this software, team members can collaborate on different folders with files stored in the cloud. Your collaborations don't have to stay within Dropbox, as you can also share the links to the files to non-Dropbox users.

Dropbox works on nearly every type of device.

4 - Zoom

Running a team that's spread across different time zones can sometimes be very challenging, especially when it's time for meetings. Zoom's cloud-based service allows you to schedule meetings and collaborate with your team - plus so much more.

You and your team members can join the meeting via phone, computer, smartphone or tablet. It's very easy to use and organizers can record calls, which comes in handy later on in any case that you or your superiors need to review any important points during the meeting.

5 - Toggl

Time tracking can be a very tedious task. With Toggl, freelancers can easily and quickly track and manage the time spent working.

It is a small timer that provides in-depth reporting. As a manager, it becomes easier for you to monitor your team's efficiency. Toggl also helps freelancers be more focused too!


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