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What's New on Twitter?

Posted on November 15th, 2017

Twitter has proven everyone wrong about the notion that it's a dying platform by rolling out awesome new features that will benefit small businesses, most especially.

Aside from increasing the character limit from 140 to 280, Twitter also rolled out a new advertising feature called Twitter Promote Mode. We all know how rigorous setting up a social media ad campaign can be, especially on Twitter, where there's so much content and brands competing for the audience's attention. 

Twitter Promote Mode is an "always-on, amplification engine." What does it do? Well, it automatically boosts tweets and profiles! By repeatedly promoting tweets, Promote Mode attracts more followers and increases your brand's reach consistently! Now, isn't that cool? We don't think that's something a dying platform would be doing...

The increase in the character limit, which was announced and rolled out on November 7, can also prove to be beneficial and can definitely give you an upper hand in terms of crafting copy for your campaigns. 

Are you on Twitter yet? Make sure to jump on the platform and get your social media advertising up and running! It wouldn't hurt to follow us for updates too! 


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