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Pokemon Gen 3: Are You Ready to Catch ’Em All?

Posted on October 19th, 2017

Niantic, the company behind augmented reality game Pokemon Go, is teasing the public with its in-game splash screen that shows a bunch of Pokemon. The tricky part? Only a few of the Pokemon featured are actually already in the game; the rest are Gen 3 Pokemon.

In addition to that, the same splash screen features a player wearing a Halloween hat that's not currently available in-game yet! This and the "extra" Pokemon found in the splash screen has led players to believe that Niantic is planning to release Gen 3 Pokemon this Halloween.

Other "hidden gems" include:

Sound effects that are unique to Pokemon Gen 3
Mentions of Halloween hidden among the list of Pokemon variants, which probably means there's going to be some spawning action that's exclusive to Halloween
Halloween music
A badge that is meant to be unlocked after catching a Gen 3 Pokemon

Take a look at what added to the Image list on the App Store:

It features two Gen 3 Pokemon that are currently not in the game: Sableye (bottom left) and Duskull (upper right). Also, note that Pikachu is wearing a witch's hat - which, I don't know, signifies Halloween? You see what Niantic did there?

All these signs point toward a release of Gen 3 Pokemon this Halloween (or around that time). Keeping our fingers crossed!

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