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T-Mobile Leads in Ookla Speedtest

Posted on October 1st, 2017

In the last year, US LTE speeds have increased by 19%, according to Ookla - the company that runs - and T-Mobile is up on top, leading the speed game.


In Ookla's report, they used a "Speed Score" scoring system that is said to measure the "full breadth of networking experience on a given network" in an accurate way. It can be described as a mix of low-end, median, and top-end performance for both upload and download speeds.

T-Mobile garnered a score of 23.17 - which brought it to the top of the list and becoming the US carrier with the fastest LTE speeds for quarters 1 and 2 of 2017. This was a country-wide test, but according to Ookla, the results remain the same even when scaled down to the 100 most populated Cellular Market Areas in the United States.

You might have known by now that Teltik is an authorized T-Mobile reseller, which means that we use the same network as T-Mobile - and we're available wherever there is T-Mobile network coverage.

What does all this mean to Teltik users?

Since Teltik uses the same network as T-Mobile, then naturally this means that Teltik also offers its customers the same LTE speeds. This allows you, our customers, to run your business smoothly and seamlessly with the help of our high-speed data.

That's one less thing to stress over.

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