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The iPhone X: What to Expect

Posted on September 20th, 2017

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Dubbed as the most exciting iPhone update ever, the iPhone X promises a whole new redesign. The newest iPhone from Apple comes in a sleek new look, getting rid of the physical home button, resulting to an increased screen size. 

Apple's newest iPhone and its updates doesn't come cheap. With an introductory price of $999, it's the company's most expensive flagship smartphone yet. 

Now let's take a look at exactly what to expect with the iPhone X, which launches on November 3 (with preorders set to go live on October 27).

More screen size

Since the iPhone X no longer has the physical home button, the entire front area of the phone is now all screen - which is great in some ways as you get more real estate for all your smartphone activities, especially video streaming and other similar activities. However, many critics have pointed out how awkward it would be to use a phone without anything to actually press, you know, like the old models. As they say, though, it's all a matter of getting used to.

Screen resolution

Finally. The new iPhone X now comes in a 2436 x 1125 Super Retina HD display. The upgrade to a sharper resolution definitely is a plus and a much-needed and has been a much-awaited update, especially with Android leading way ahead in the display game. Moving to the OLED display has given the iPhone X a more brilliant screen, with its blacks deeper and the colors richer.

The "lip"

Okay, so there's this section on the iPhone X where a cut is made at the top of the screen. This is to give way to its True Depth camera, which is going to be used for Face ID. Critics have noted that it does sort of get in the way a little bit and ruins the aesthetic. But others don't mind. Then again, there's still more screen space than the previous iPhone models.

Does it disrupt video watching or gaming? Nope. It isn't that big of a deal, critics say, as the huge display takes attention in other ways.

Face ID

Ah, the Face ID update. Some love it, some are skeptical about how secure this feature actually is. The Face ID enables the user to unlock the iPhone with just his or her face. This has yet to be proven effective, so let's wait and see!

iOS 11

Several iPhone users are now on iOS 11, which is the newest software upgrade. The main change noticed is on the 'main display' - which is still the same, with the standard grid of icons. But the bottom of the phone, where the bezel and home button used to be, has now been repurposed as the home button; a flick up from the base of the phone – in the same way as the Control Center of old – will get you home.


Whenever a new smartphone is released, almost all the time, users are curious as to what the new improvements are in the camera. Because, of course, selfies.

The camera on the new iPhone X now boasts of the following:

  • Ability to focus faster
  • Take better low-light shots
  • Optical image stabilization
  • A telephoto lens

The back camera is now on the phone vertically, rather than horizontally, meaning Apple wants you to hold your phone in landscape rather than portrait mode.

The Animoji

This is like the feature we never knew we all needed. Coming with the iPhone X's new front camera comes the Animoji, which is an animated emoji that actually moves based on your facial, well, movements. The front camera is excellent at sensing your environment and face so that it can map a mask and transform you into a laughing, sobbing, or chewing poop emoji. Now if that's not innovation....

Wireless charging

We have arrived to the future, I guess, with the new iPhone X's wireless charging feature. Although we've seen this before in the Nexus 4 back in 2012, it doesn't stop Apple from raving all about their new AirPower technology.

The battery life of the iPhone X has been extended, with two hours more power than the iPhone 7 from a single charge. Apple has also announced that you can also get faster charging time - getting to 50% after 30 minutes (but only through the USB-C cable).

Final Words

Probably the wow factor for the newest iPhone would be its appearance. For the longest time, Apple has stuck - more or less - with the original design and this overhaul is quite a leap. 

The Face ID has yet to prove itself effective and/or useful to the normal user. The AR technology integrated into the iPhone does mean something new and exciting in terms of gaming and messaging. 

Overall, we'd say we're excited about it (like always) but we have yet to see it and really use it on a daily basis to see if it's worth all the money! 

What do you think of the iPhone X? Do you think you'll get it when it hits the counters on November 3?


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