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Here Comes the Eclipse!

Posted on August 20th, 2017


As you may have already known, a MASSIVE solar eclipse is set to happen on Monday, August 21 - and it will be visible across several states! And because it's 2017, it's expected that people will flock an area where the eclipse is most visible, document the entire phenomena, and share it to their social media pages.

Naturally, an event of this magnitude would cause some strain to the network - but worry not, T-mobile (who's business services we offer out clients) has been preparing for this occasion. T-mobile has geared up their network to accommodate everyone's selfies, texts, snaps, tweets, and more! Teltik gives you the same boosted network coverage, so you'll always stay connected and be able to run your business smoothly. 

Update your customers on social media with your awesome photos or real-time tweets! So get those smartphones charged up and solar viewers ready, and we'll take care of the rest! Stay safe and enjoy the eclipse, everyone!


The following apps are included under unlimited media streaming: